We have nothing.


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I know it’s nothing that a plane ticket or car ride couldn’t fix, but god, you don’t understand it unless you’ve been in it, unless you’ve felt it. It’s that feeling that hits your chest when you two finally say goodnight after listening to each other’s voices for the past few hours, and you’ll wonder why every time you say goodnight it feels like a goodbye. It’s how even though you two just had a wonderful conversation your eyes start to fill up with tears because it’s a bittersweet feeling, because once they hang up you’re alone again. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally. You’re alone. It’s how a good morning text stands in for a good morning kiss, and how a “what’re you doing?” replaces hand holding. It’s how you two can’t help but talk about how every moment will be spent when you’re finally together, how a kiss will be more than just a kiss, how a hug is something that will last hours instead of seconds, and how looking in each other’s eyes will be more like analyzing each little spec of dark brown in their iris. It’s how you know that once you get to touch their skin it will be like touching the moon, and each little freckle will be your star to wish on, only yours. It’s how you’ll discover new galaxies in their laugh, and how each little scar will be more than that, it will be a story you want to read, so you’ll trace your fingers across them like braille. You’ll think of all this, all day, every day, every moment, even when you two are lost in conversation, you’ll think of it. And that’s the thing that keeps you hanging on, that keeps you going. The promise that every time you see the moon, it’s one step closer to seeing them soon. So you’ll close your weary eyes, and dream of them in your arms. Once you awake there will be a message, “Good morning…” and shall your love be awakened again, to swim through oceans, travel over mountains.
Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.

Good bye summer… Until next year Sandy Neck Beach


i like to use exclamation marks because they cover up the fact that i am dead inside!!!!

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Words are powerful things. They can break hearts and get panties wet.



I just want your hands,
Running through my messy hair,
Making it even messier,
Feeling like home,
Setting fire to my soul.

Especially tonight,
When my blood has too much alcohol,
To chase off my thoughts,
That keep me awake with the moon.

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I Hope she always kisses you like it’s 11:59 on December 31st.
I Hope she gives you candy and beautiful flowers often, like it’s February 14th.
I Hope she finds herself as lucky to have you as she would to have found a 4 leaf clover on March 18th.
I Hope she jokes with you constantly, Like it’s April 1st.
I Hope she wants to spend the days in the sun all day, like she would on May 25th.
I Hope she treats you every day like it’s your birthday.
I Hope when you kiss her, you feel fireworks, like it’s July 4th.
I Hope she gives you your favorite candy, like it’s October 31st.
I Hope she reminds you how Thankful she is for you like it’s Thanksgiving.
I Hope she sends You to bed every night excited like it’s December 24th.
And I Hope she wakes you up and you’re super excited, like it’s December 25th.
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